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Holistic- from the Greek word Holos - meaning whole

It takes into account the whole persons being and not just the physical systems, these include psychology, environment, nutrition and the effects both positive and negative that these can have on the body

What is integral biology

What effect does our environment have on our physical and mental health? Our lifestyles can cause stress, tiredness, anxiety, depression and heart conditions.

What is the negative effect of integral biology

Lack of exercise

Processed food

Chemically cleaned fruit and veg

Lack of out doors

Excessive drinking

Stressful job

Bereavement or grief

Too much caffeine

Lack of sleep

Financial problems

Worries about family and relationships

Internalizing problems and worries

Too much time near electro magnetic equipement

Positive Integral Biology

Regular Exercise

Balanced diet

Getting enough Sleep

Opening window and doors

Time spent outside

Drinking lots of water

Eating fresh food

Reorganising work stations

Why is the holistic Approach Important

Because it treats each person individually and in the context of their own life. This enables people to improve their own health themselves  thus re-establishing the bodys equilibrium known as homeostasis.

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